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Call for Papers: Translation and Adaptation of Comics (28/02)

The translation and adaptation of Comics

Universität Hildesheim (Bühler Campus), Hildesheim, 31.10.–2.11.2014

Up to the present day translation studies have paid little attention to
Comics. There are many possible reasons for this. Research within the
discipline has for a long time almost exclusively focused on verbal texts.
On one hand, since the 1990s it had devoted more attention to audio-visual
texts, but a clear emphasis has been with those inter- and intra-lingual
forms of translation which are required by films. On the other hand it is
much harder to differentiate comics clearly from other text types,
regardless of whether comics are seen as a genre, a distinct communication
medium or as a hybrid collection of signs.… [ Va' avanti ]

Call for Papers: Current Trends in Translation Teaching and Learning (Feb, 2014)

Current Trends in Translation Teaching and Learning is a double-blind
refereed series that explores a variety of issues related to translation
teaching and learning. Qualitative or quantitative research articles that
are relevant to translation teaching and learning are sought. It is
available free online via our website. The length of papers should be from
2500 up to 6000 words.

Submission of articles: The deadline for submission of articles is February
15, 2014

Reviews returned: April 15, 2014

Acceptance of articles after reviews and revisions: May 3, 2014

Publication: June – July 2014[ Va' avanti ]

Call for Papers: Teaching Language Translation and Interpretation, China (October 2013)

Teaching Language Translation and Interpretation: Methods, Theories, and
Call for Chapters

Editors: Ying Cui (Shandong University, Weihai, China) and Wei Zhao
(Shandong University, Weihai, China)
Proposals Submission Deadline: October 30, 2013
Full Chapters Due: February 28, 2014

For release in the Advances in Educational Technologies & Instructional
Design (AETID) Book Series.

Target Audience

The book is expected to be utilized in the educational context of
translation by scholars and teachers. It may also be of interest to graduate
students who plan to become teachers or do further studies on translation
teaching. It is intended to deepen their understanding of the processes,
principles, models, new options and other matters related to translation
teaching.… [ Va' avanti ]

CALL FOR PAPERS: convegno Universidad de Valladolid (marzo 2014)

Los estudios de traduccion e interpretacion basados en corpus
I Coloquio Hermēneus

Soria, 26-27 Marzo 2014
Universidad de Valladolid
Facultad de Traduccion e Interpretacion

Spanish, English, French and Portuguese versions of the Call for Papers
available at[ Va' avanti ]

Mediterranean Editors & Translators Meeting 2013 (entro 31/3)

Mediterranean Editors and Translators (MET) invites submissions for its ninth annual conference to be held at the Monastery of Poblet, in Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain on October 24-26, 2013.

We invite proposals that relate to this year’s theme — Language, culture and identity — or that respond to our association’s broad interest in helping language professionals improve the quality of their services and their ability to respond to clients’ needs. We welcome presentations in 6 areas: 1) the conference theme, 2) business issues/client relations, 3) in–the-office/practical/technical issues, 4) language issues, 5) knowledge updates and training, and 6) research/academia.

Priority will be given to presentations that express a clear take-home message and explain its relevance to our members (see here for a description of MET members).… [ Va' avanti ]

Call for Papers: XI Giornate della Traduzione Letteraria (entro 30/05/2013)

Le Giornate della traduzione letteraria, volendo dare spazio a voci ed esperienze nuove, accolgono quest’anno proposte di seminari. Come consueto, è possibile trattare qualsiasi argomento attinente alla traduzione letteraria (si veda, per esempio, ).
Le proposte dovranno pervenire via e-mail, entro il 30 maggio 2013, a e dovranno contenere:
• Nome e cognome
• Indirizzo e-mail
• Numero di telefono e cellulare
• Breve profilo del relatore
• Titolo del seminario proposto
• Breve descrizione del seminario di max. 1000 battute.

I seminari prescelti saranno inseriti nel programma delle Giornate 2013. L’ammissione implica l’iscrizione gratuita al convegno. Non sono previsti rimborsi spese per viaggio e soggiorno.… [ Va' avanti ]

Call for Papers: Translating Memory across Cultures and Disciplines (30/04)

translation, a transdisciplinary journal  announces its first call for papers on Memory.

Special issue: Translating memory across cultures and disciplines

Guest editors: Bella Brodzki (Sarah Lawrence College, NY) and Cristina Demaria (University of Bologna, Italy)


This special issue will establish a dialogue with and among scholars working on the intersections between translation studies and memory studies as they are presently configured andmight be envisioned in the future. 

translation devotes a special issue to the two concepts—translation and memory. They are interrelated: (1) memory—as the retrieval, reconstruction, inscription, and leaving of traces and their effects—plays a central role in any translation process, and (2) translationthe transformative character of translation is inherent in every memory and memorializing act.

[ Va' avanti ]

Call for papers: Translating Myth, 5-7 set, Colchester

The Centre for Myth Studies at the University of Essex is pleased to announce an international conference to be held from 5 to 7 September 2013 at firstsite, the home of contemporary visual arts in Colchester. We invite proposals for papers (of 20 minutes duration), or panel sessions (three papers), exploring the theme of ‘Translating Myth’. The organisers would particularly welcome interdisciplinary contributions, especially ones that bridge the domains of literature and psychoanalysis, but we encourage submissions on all aspects of myth that involve the idea of translation.
‘Translating myth’ is to be taken in a broad sense as encompassing any topic that addresses the process of conversion or transfer of cultural sources construed as mythic.… [ Va' avanti ]

Call for Papers: Conference on corpus linguistics

14-16 March 2013
The Spanish Association of Corpus Linguistics (AELINCO) and the local
Organizing Committee are pleased to announce that the 5th International
Conference on
Corpus Linguistics (CILC2013) will be hosted by the University Institute
of Modern Applied Languages at the University of Alicante on 14 to 16 March

Since corpus work has taken on a more relevant role in descriptive and
applied studies on the various facets of language, availability and variety
of telectronic corpus and tools for their exploitation and analysis
have proliferated and many more are on the horizon. The availabity of such
diverse resources offers many opportunities for researchers, language
professionals, and language services providers.… [ Va' avanti ]

Call for Papers: Indo-Hispanic Dialogue: Bridging the Cultural Gap (entro 15/12)

Call for papers
International Conference
Indo-Hispanic Dialogue: Bridging the Cultural Gap
March 6 – 8, 2013, Hyderabad
Centre for Study of Foreign Languages,
School of Humanities, University of Hyderabad, India

Hispanic Countries, particularly from the region of Latin America, have
begun to occupy the attention they deserve in India’s official and private
sector perception as against the traditional biases built up over the years
for historical, geographic or commercial reasons. It is fact that the
investments of the Indian companies in the South American market have
increased drastically in recent times. For the growing bilateral and
multilateral relations with these countries to have an enduring effect there
is need for an academic engagement with the whole domain of mutual cultural
understanding of the societies involved.… [ Va' avanti ]