Call for Papers: Indo-Hispanic Dialogue: Bridging the Cultural Gap (entro 15/12)

Call for papers
International Conference
Indo-Hispanic Dialogue: Bridging the Cultural Gap
March 6 – 8, 2013, Hyderabad
Centre for Study of Foreign Languages,
School of Humanities, University of Hyderabad, India

Hispanic Countries, particularly from the region of Latin America, have
begun to occupy the attention they deserve in India’s official and private
sector perception as against the traditional biases built up over the years
for historical, geographic or commercial reasons. It is fact that the
investments of the Indian companies in the South American market have
increased drastically in recent times. For the growing bilateral and
multilateral relations with these countries to have an enduring effect there
is need for an academic engagement with the whole domain of mutual cultural
understanding of the societies involved. How have we perceived each other,
economically, socially, culturally, philosophically in the past and whether
in the face of the changing country profiles vis-à-vis the global scenario
there is a parallel shift in mutual awareness? Does that get reflected in
our occupation in the private and public sphere (the print, electronic
media, our class rooms, course contents in educational institutions) with
each others’ output in various fields like foreign policy, environment,
joint initiatives, cultural issues etc? From our perspective, we need to
expand our interactive possibilities at the institutional level to
strengthen our engagement with the Hispanic societies. What are the
potential areas of culture, economy, trade etc. that can fruitfully be
promoted for this purpose? Just for example, in cultural sphere Tagore and
Neruda could be the central figures for our common approaches towards the
achievement of a reconciled universal which could become the cornerstone of
our future projections as pluri-cultural societies. Or is the literary piece
“Vislumbres de la India” a product of the comparative understanding of Paz
of Mexican past? Likewise, one can make comparative study of economic,
political and social systems of Hispanic countries and India.

The Centre for Study of Foreign Languages, University of Hyderabad proposes
to hold a three-day international conference to explore such areas that
would contribute to strengthen the mutual understanding of our societies and
cultures and create an awareness of the same in this area. Papers are
invited tentatively in the following areas:

• Indian and Hispanic Literature
• Comparison of Indian and Hispanic Languages
• Teaching of Indian languages in Hispanic World and vice-versa
• Study of Translations
• Comparison of Folklore
• Influence of various Philosophic thoughts
• Cultures and Societies
• Language Endangerment
• Diasporas Studies
• Hispanic Policy and Culture
• Culture and Economic Relations with Hispanic countries

Working languages: English and Spanish

Format of presentations: The abstract should not exceed 300 words, while the
full paper should be between 10-15 pages (including references, notes, and
tables). Biographical data should not exceed 100 words. Your paper must be
double-spaced and typed using 12 pt. Times New Roman font. With the abstract
and paper submissions, please include: the title of your paper or poster
display; your name and title; institution; e-mail address; and mailing
address. If the abstract is in Spanish, an English version of the same can
also be submitted.

Extended date of submission of abstracts: 15th December, 2012
The abstracts may be sent to the Director of the Conference with a cc to the
Organizing Secretary. All papers will be reviewed by the Scientific
Committee of the Conference. Selected papers will be published in the
conference proceedings. **The conference committee reserves the right to
edit typographical errors in the abstracts and papers prior to publication**

Registration fee: International Participants USD 75;
Indian National Participants INR 2,500
Registration fees include: Local hospitality during conference days and a
conference kit. The registration fee may be paid at the venue of the
Conference in Indian currency.

Director of the Conference:
Prof. J. Prabhakara Rao,
Tel.: +91 40 2313363; 23133661; Fax: + 91 40 23010356

Organizing Secretary:
Mr. Ranjeeva Ranjan,
Mobile: +91-8897253603

Venue: Centre for Study of Foreign Languages, University of Hyderabad, India

More details available at website of HISPANICINDIA (Media Partner)