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Call for Applicants: Nida School of Translation Studies 2015

Here attached you can find the call for applicants for the 2015 Nida School of Translation Studies, which will explore the theme of “Leading Edges in Translation: World Literature and Performativity” with Nida Professors Susan Bassnett (University of Warwick) and Sandra Bermann (Princeton University). 
As past faculty member Rosemary Arrojo (Binghamton University) has reflected, “The NSTS has been instrumental in redefining and expanding the ways in which translation studies has been understood and conceptualized, particularly in Europe, and with its growing influence, worldwide as well.” 
The application period for this upcoming event will begin on December 1, 2014, and will remain open until January 31, 2015. More information may be found in this attachment (Nida_Promo_PDF2015) and at
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Call for Papers: “Plurilingualism and Orality in Translation”, Delhi (within 15/10/2014)

Indraprastha College for Women

University of Delhi

Conference-Festival on Plurilingualism and Orality in Translation


2-4 March 2015


Call for Papers


Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi, in collaboration with the Translation Center at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and translation, the international journal of transdisciplinary studies, is organising a ConFest, which plans to combine an academic conference with a festival of arts (theatre, film, folk art, handicrafts, etc.) around the two main themes of plurilingualism and orality.


Moving from ortho-centric traditions and the notion of original texts, to cultures of memory and orality problematizes the idea and act of translation. The circulation of texts in a social climate of mass illiteracy adds further complexity to the question of how texts travel.… [ Va' avanti ]

Call for Papers: “Translating Texts, Cultures and Values”, Belfast (6/11/2014)

The international research network investigating English evaluative concepts in translated religious and devotional texts (an AHRC-funded project) is holding a research symposium “Translating Texts, Cultures and Values” on Thursday, 6th November 2014 at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland.


The topics we want to consider include but are not limited to:

  • Translation as reconceptualization
  • Translation as a means of mediation, negotiation, and contestation of cultural values
  • The centrality of values in translated ideological and persuasive discourse
  • The differences between languages and cultural traditions in the understanding of key evaluative concepts
  • Conceptual ethnocentrism in the area of values manifested in translation
  • The challenges in negotiating English evaluative concepts (e.g. clarity, commitment, decency, fairness, humility, integrity, justice, etc.)
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Call for Papers: Interchange between Languages and Cultures (Sept 2014)

Call for papers

Interchange between Languages and Cultures: The Quest for Quality

19-20 September 2014

Department of English and American Studies of Palacký University, Olomouc, Czech Republic

In the previous two years (see TIFO 2012 and TIFO 2011) the Translation and Interpreting Forum Olomouc established itself as an open platform which is not limited only to an academic exchange within translation studies research but embraces discussion with all players in the field of trans-language and trans-culture communication.

The 2014 conference theme “Interchange between Languages and Cultures: The Quest for Quality” brings into focus the issue of translation/interpreting quality. The featured invited speakers for TIFO 2014 are Mona Baker (University of Manchester, UK) and Juliane House (University of Hamburg, Germany).… [ Va' avanti ]

Call for Papers: ITI Conference (April 2015)

Call for papers

ITI Conference, Renew, Rejuvenate, Regenerate Translating and interpreting
in an evolving world

24-25 April 2015,

Hilton Newcastle Gateshead, UK

The biannual ITI Conference is the biggest translation and interpreting
event in the UK, attracting translators and interpreters from all over the
country and beyond.

With two full days of presentations, keynote speeches, panels and fringe
events, a pre-conference day of masterclasses (23 April), and a conference
dinner, it has become a high quality learning and networking event not to be

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Call for Papers: TRANSLATA II (30/10-1/11/2014)

Call for Papers

TRANSLATA II 2nd International Conference on Translation and Interpreting

Translation Studies and Translation Practice

University of Innsbruck

30th October – 1st November 2014

TRANSLATA II is the second in a series of triennial conferences on
Translation and Interpreting Studies at the University of Innsbruck. Due to
the overwhelming response from participants across the world when it was
launched in 2011, TRANSLATA has already emerged as one of the largest
international conferences in its field. The proceedings of TRANSLATA I were
published by Peter Lang in the series “Forum Translationswissenschaft”
(vols. 15 & 16).

TRANSLATA is conceptualized as a forum for basic research in translatology,
whose aim it is to refocus on translation proper (= professional translation
and interpreting) as the core object of study.… [ Va' avanti ]

Call for Papers: Transfiction 3: The Fictions of Translation (27-29/5/2015)

Call for papers: Transfiction 3: The Fictions of Translation
May 27-29, 2015 – Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Scholars are invited to submit 300-word proposals for papers by April 30,
2014 to

Suggested topics may include, but are not limited to:
The figure of the translator and the theme of translation: is this primarily
a (post)modern phenomenon or one that can be traced back to earlier times?
Historical perspectives: shifting attitudes to the status of translation and
the role of the translator; evolving perceptions of the authorial voice and
the translator’s visibility.
Fictionalized practices of translation such as pseudotranslation.
Self-translation: can it really be called “translation” or is it a form of
(re)writing?… [ Va' avanti ]

Call for Papers: Queering Translation – Translating the Queer, Vienna (26-28/03/2015)

Call for papers: Queering Translation – Translating the Queer
Centre for Translation Studies, University of Vienna
26-28 March 2015

Aim and Theme of the Conference:
Since de Lauretis introduced queer theory as “another discursive horizon,
another way of thinking the sexual” (1991:iv), this approach has played an
important role in the analysis of sex and gender in Literary, Film and
Cultural Studies. Despite its claim of interdisciplinarity, Translation
Studies has yet to fully integrate the concepts and theoretical instruments
of Queer Studies. If Queer Studies problematizes the representation of
otherness, then Translation Studies highlights the otherness of
representation. Bringing together Queer Studies and Translation Studies,
therefore, should destablize not only traditional models of representation,
understood as mimesis, reflection, copying, but also the authorial voices
and subjectivities they produce.… [ Va' avanti ]

Call for Papers: Translation Symposium, Oman (6/03/2014)

CFP: Translation Symposium, Oman, April 2014

The English & Translation Society (ETS) at Sultan Qaboos University, Oman,
is hosting the 11th Annual Translation Symposium on 6-9 April 2014.

Organized by students, the event will seek to provide a platform for
participants to discuss diverse theoretical and practical issues related to
the role of translation in media and, specifically, news production.
Translation practices, strategies, norms and ethics in the field of news,
and more applied analyses of narratives in specific contexts (e.g. the
press, television, advertising, cinema, and the internet) will also be
examined. As media/news translation is a broadly uncharted territory, at
least, in the GCC region, the forum will consider the importance of
translation in the circulation of news and narratives in this strategically
vital region.… [ Va' avanti ]

Call for Papers: Paul Celan Fellowships for Translators (1/03/2014)

Paul Celan Fellowships for Translators – Open Call

“The process of translating comprises in its essence the whole secret of
human understanding of the world and of social communication.”
(Hans Georg Gadamer, 1900 – 2002)

The aim of the Paul Celan Fellowship Programme is to overcome deficits and
asymmetries in the exchange of ideas and the reception of scholarly
literature which result from the division of Europe in the 20th century.
Therefore, the program supports translations of canonical texts and
contemporary key works in the humanities, social sciences and cultural
studies from Eastern to Western, Western to Eastern, or between two Eastern
European languages. Special emphasis is put on translations of relevant
works written by East European authors and/or by female scholars.… [ Va' avanti ]