Mediterranean Editors & Translators Meeting 2013 (entro 31/3)

Mediterranean Editors and Translators (MET) invites submissions for its ninth annual conference to be held at the Monastery of Poblet, in Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain on October 24-26, 2013.

We invite proposals that relate to this year’s theme — Language, culture and identity — or that respond to our association’s broad interest in helping language professionals improve the quality of their services and their ability to respond to clients’ needs. We welcome presentations in 6 areas: 1) the conference theme, 2) business issues/client relations, 3) in–the-office/practical/technical issues, 4) language issues, 5) knowledge updates and training, and 6) research/academia.

Priority will be given to presentations that express a clear take-home message and explain its relevance to our members (see here for a description of MET members). Typical METM presentations describe promising practices, report research findings, or provide knowledge updates. Please note that MET is a knowledge-sharing and peer-training network and encourages submissions from both seasoned and novice presenters with expertise to share.

To submit a proposal, please send an abstract of 200 to 300 words and a short biography (50-100 words) to Anne Murray, METM13 coordinator. Your abstract should briefly describe the what, how, and why of your presentation, in the order that is most persuasive, and it should have an informative title. If you would like to discuss the suitability of your proposal before sending in your abstract, please feel free to write to Anne.

Presentations have an approximate duration of 20-25 minutes The deadline for submission of abstracts is March 31, 2013.