Call for Papers: Translation and Adaptation of Comics (28/02)

The translation and adaptation of Comics

Universität Hildesheim (Bühler Campus), Hildesheim, 31.10.–2.11.2014

Up to the present day translation studies have paid little attention to
Comics. There are many possible reasons for this. Research within the
discipline has for a long time almost exclusively focused on verbal texts.
On one hand, since the 1990s it had devoted more attention to audio-visual
texts, but a clear emphasis has been with those inter- and intra-lingual
forms of translation which are required by films. On the other hand it is
much harder to differentiate comics clearly from other text types,
regardless of whether comics are seen as a genre, a distinct communication
medium or as a hybrid collection of signs. Finally, comics have been
regarded – especially in Germany – as unserious, and this undoubtedly has
meant that they have been discussed in peripheral areas of literary
criticism, media science and translation studies.
We intend in this conference to work with a broad concept of translation:
one which embraces both inter-lingual and inter-semiotic aspects of

The conference languages are German and English.
Each paper is allocated 30 minutes and a further 15 for group discussion.
The conference will take place from Friday 31 October until Sunday 2
November 2014 on the Bühler campus of the University of Hildesheim:
organizers are Prof. Dr. Nathalie Mälzer, Maria Wünsche und Philipp Hammer.
We ask for proposals for papers in the fields of linguistics, literary
studies, media science and comic research. Proposals should reach us by 28
February 2014.

Please send an abstract (approx. 400 words) of your intended 30-minute
paper, together with a brief c.v. (approx. 200 words), and your contact
details to Prof. Dr. Nathalie Mälzer, Universität Hildesheim:
Of course all of the organizers are at your disposal to answer any questions
which you may have.
Prof. Dr. Nathalie Mälzer (
Maria Wünsche, M.A. (
Philipp Hammer (