Call for Papers: Translating Memory across Cultures and Disciplines (30/04)

translation, a transdisciplinary journal  announces its first call for papers on Memory.

Special issue: Translating memory across cultures and disciplines

Guest editors: Bella Brodzki (Sarah Lawrence College, NY) and Cristina Demaria (University of Bologna, Italy)


This special issue will establish a dialogue with and among scholars working on the intersections between translation studies and memory studies as they are presently configured andmight be envisioned in the future. 

translation devotes a special issue to the two concepts—translation and memory. They are interrelated: (1) memory—as the retrieval, reconstruction, inscription, and leaving of traces and their effects—plays a central role in any translation process, and (2) translationthe transformative character of translation is inherent in every memory and memorializing act. Remembering draws its (belated) versions of the past from different presents, serving multiple and often competing purposes. These include the imagined and projected versions of what is to come. 

Due Dates

Abstracts (ca 300 words) or drafts can be sent to Cristina Demaria, at

Deadline for submission of abstracts is April 30, 2013.

Deadline for the submission of the completed articles is September 30, 2013.

Additional information contact Cristina Demaria at

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