Call for Papers: Translation Symposium, Oman (6/03/2014)

CFP: Translation Symposium, Oman, April 2014

The English & Translation Society (ETS) at Sultan Qaboos University, Oman,
is hosting the 11th Annual Translation Symposium on 6-9 April 2014.

Organized by students, the event will seek to provide a platform for
participants to discuss diverse theoretical and practical issues related to
the role of translation in media and, specifically, news production.
Translation practices, strategies, norms and ethics in the field of news,
and more applied analyses of narratives in specific contexts (e.g. the
press, television, advertising, cinema, and the internet) will also be
examined. As media/news translation is a broadly uncharted territory, at
least, in the GCC region, the forum will consider the importance of
translation in the circulation of news and narratives in this strategically
vital region.

We expect submissions for 20-minute presentations that consider any of the
above issues.
Abstracts (roughly 400 words) and proposals for workshops should be sent to
Dr Hisham Jawad at by 6 March 2014.

Languages: Arabic and English

Invited Keynote Speakers
Prof. Christina Schaeffner, Aston University, UK
Prof. Myriam Salama-Carr, University of Salford, UK
Dr. Christopher Rundle, University of Bologna, Italy