Writers Omi Translation Lab, NY (5-14/11)

Writers Omi Translation Lab, Fall 2014

Deadline: July 15, 2014
Session: November 5-14, 2014

About the Translation Lab:
Writers Omi at Ledig House, a part of Omi International Arts Center, has
been awarded a grant from Amazon.com to fund Translation Lab 2014, a 10-day
special, intensive residency for four collaborating writer-translator teams
in the fall of 2014.

Writers Omi will host four English language translators at the Omi
International Arts Center for 10 days. These translators will be invited
along with the writers whose work is being translated. All text-based
projects-fiction, nonfiction, theater, film, poetry, etc.-are eligible.

This focused residency will provide an integral stage of refinement,
allowing translators to dialogue with the writers about text-specific
questions. It will also serve as an essential community-builder for
English-language translators who are working to increase the amount of
international literature available to American readers.

How to Apply:
The dates for Translation Lab 2014 are November 5-14, 2014. All residencies
are fully funded, including airfare and local transport from New York City
to the Omi International Arts Center in Ghent, NY. Please note: accepted
applicants must be available for the duration of the Translation Lab
(November 5-14, 2014). Late arrivals and early departures are not possible.

Please do not submit a proposal unless both parties involved (translator and
writer) are available for all dates. Writers Omi will be accepting proposals
for participation until July 15, 2014. Translators, writers, editors, or
agents can submit proposals. Each proposal should be no more than three
pages in length and provide the following information:

. Brief biographical sketches for the translator and writer associated with
each project
. Publishing status for proposed projects (projects that do not yet have a
publisher are still eligible)
. A description of the proposed project
. Contact information (physical address, email, and phone)

Proposals should be submitted only once availability for residency
participation of the translator and writer has been confirmed. All proposals
and inquiries should be sent directly to DW Gibson, director or Writers Omi
at Ledig House at: dwgibson@artomi.org.