Villa Sarkia apre le porte ai traduttori (non solo dal finlandese), Finlandia

Villa Sarkia is a residence upheld by the culture association Nuoren Voiman Liitto and the city of Sysmä. The residence is designed to give young writers and translators a possibility to do literary work. Residency periods in Villa Sarkia are between one to three months.

The Villa Sarkia was built in the beginning of the 20th century. Originally it was a local bank manager’s home. It is located next door to the Theatre House of Sysmä.

There are three rooms for residents in Villa Sarkia. Two are for one person and one is for two people. There is also a common sitting-room and kitchen.

The intention of Villa Sarkia is to provide working facilities for young writers and translators and also to increase the diversity of Sysmäs cultural life. The residents agree to perform once during their stay at a nursery, school, library or other occasion organized by the city of Sysmä. Residents also to organize activities for Sysmä’s Kirjakyläpäivät, a local literary festival held in July. The residence is a wonderful addition to the versatile range of cultural activities in Sysmä. There is also a classical music festival, Sysmän Suvisoitto, local festival Uotinpäivät and Pajularock.

Villa Sarkia also offers regular seminars and events at which artists and researchers from various fields can meet and exchange ideas. Nuoren Voiman Liitto is responsible for selecting the residents and the city of Sysmä maintains the residence.


To apply for a resident at Villa Sarkia, send a free form letter to the office of Nuoren Voiman Liitto. The address is Nuoren Voiman Liitto, Fredrikinkatu 23 d 4, 00120 Helsinki Finland. Remember to specify the desired duration of residency period. Nuoren Voiman Liitto will inform all the appliers personally about the selection.

Applying for the spring-period (1.1-30.6) will end 31.10. The selections are made by the committee of Nuoren Voiman Liitto in November.

Applying for the autumn-period (1.8-31.12) will end 31.5. The selections are made by the committee of Nuoren Voiman Liitto in June.

In July Villa Sarkia is primarily in the use of city of Sysmä.

You can make enquiries concerning cancelled and unfilled residence-places from the office of Nuoren Voiman Liitto.

More information about applying:
Executive director
Laura Serkosalo
puh. +358 44 207 4650

The application documents

Supporting documents to be attached to the posted application:

o a work plan, max. three pages
o a Curriculum Vitae (CV) or similar
o one or more letters of recommendation

Accepting the residence-place

Please inform the executive director of Nuoren Voiman Liitto about whether or not you will accept the residency offered within two weeks time from the being informed about your acceptance. After this you will receive an information package about arriving in Sysmä and staying in Villa Sarkia.