Translation, Technology and Globalization in Multilingual Context, New Delhi

3rd International Conference

Translation, Technology and Globalization in Multilingual Context, New
Delhi, June 23-26

Jointly organized by Indian Translators Association and linguainda

Venue: Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi

Translation, localization, IT and Technology have added unprecedented
dynamism in economic, social and cultural activities across the globe.
India, being one of the major players, has undergone revolutionary changes
within its economic, social and cultural systems giving way to Informational
Technology and Business Process Outsourcing. The steady economic growth and
reforms have helped Indian as well as many other emerging economies to
attract inflow of Foreign Direct Investment and joint ventures creating a
high demand for language consumption in local languages as well as foreign
languages. It is important to note that Languages being essential tools of
communication have also undergone fundamental changes in order to be part of
essential determinants of economic changes. Therefore, language learning is
not merely a natural acquiring process; rather, it has become a specialized
field that needs professional training and technological integration.

The previous international conference on “Role of Translation in Nation
Building, Nationalism and Supranationalism” held in Delhi on December 16-19,
2010 at Instituto Cervantes has shown how translators play a key role in
social and cultural change in society and help in dissemination of the ever
expanding knowledge and information available, and how their role becomes
more important in the Indian context as they help in spread of knowledge to
all corners of Indian society that consists of a mosaic of sub-cultures and
sub identities within multilingual and multicultural contexts.

The Third International Conference on “Translation, Technology and
Globalization in Multilingual Context” extends these discussions to
interrelationship between translation, technology and globalization followed
by pedagogic challenges and professional development of translators.

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