Translation Check Up with Tim Parks (Firenze, 16-20/9)

Already translating and eager to translate more? Interested in translating books rather than spreadsheets and tourist brochures? Or simply curious to compare the way you work with that of other professionals?

Celebrated translator, novelist and critic, Tim Parks, offers the chance to do all this and more in an intense one-week course at the Fenysia School in Florence (Palazzo Pucci – Via de’ Pucci, 4).

The purpose of this course is to bring together ten to fifteen translators, morning and afternoon for a week; to work on a variety of texts with marked but quite different styles; to get intense feedback on one’s stronger and weaker points, and thus to improve one’s translation skills and one’s confidence when approaching challenging writing. 

REQUIREMENTS: The course is open to people with mother-tongue English and a good knowledge of Italian who have already worked as translators.

PRICE: 600 €

Book soon because no more than fifteen applicants will be accepted!

Per le iscrizioni compilare il form in fondo alla pagina, chiamare il numero 055 2052548 o scrivere a