Translating Scandinavia in Italian and German Translation, 1918-1945 (entro 1/6)

The Danish Academy in Rome and The Italian Institute for Germanic Studies are organizing the international conference “Translating Scandinavia” in Rome on 20-21 October 2016. The conference is supported by the Carlsberg Foundation (
We especially invite papers that,while presenting a specificcase study, also address broader methodological and theoretical problemsin writing translation history. Participants may choose to focus on Scandinavian literature in Italian or German translation or on the interaction between the canons of Scandinavian literature in the two countries.
Topics might include:
Translators of Scandinavian literature
Cultural mediators between Scandinavia, Italy and Germany
Scandinavian literature in publishers’ series
Scandinavian literature in world literature anthologies
Changing functions of Scandinavian literature before and afterthe advent of Fascism/Nazism
Relay translations
Censorship (e.g. banned authors like Karin Michaëlis, Sigrid Undset or Martin Andersen Nexø)
‘Nordicity’ in Italy and Germany
Scandinavian literature during the Second World War.
Other suggestions are welcome.
Proposals should include the paper title, a 300-word abstract, the speaker’s institutional affiliation (if any), and a brief CV. All submissions must be received by June 12016, and participants will be notified of the outcome of the selection process by approximately June 15 2016. Please send submissions to and