1st Hermeneus Conference Corpus-based Translation and Interpreting Studies, Valladolid (26-27/03/2014)

I Hermeneus Conference
Corpus-based Translation and Interpreting Studies

Facultad de Traducción e Interpretación de Soria (Universidad de
Valladolid), 26 y 27de marzo de 2014.

Project Hermeneus is inaugurating a series of conferences of a scientific
nature centered on corpus based translation and interpreting studies. The
goal of the initial conference is to unite specialists from Spanish
universities and from institutions worldwide who have been working toward
significant advances during the last few years in the design, compilation
and accessibility of corpora and other linguistic resources and in the
technological advances necessary to access and exploit these resources. [See
complete presentation of the conference.] Paper proposals (20’) or posters in the following thematic areas (although
not exclusive to) will be welcome / bienvenidas / bienvenues / willkommen /
bem-vindas [see complete description of the areas]:
1. The descriptive branch of corpus-based Translation Studies.
2. The applied branch of corpus-based Translation Studies.
3. Corpus and contrastive, descriptive or applied studies.
4. Corpus-based interpreting studies.
5. Designing maps: the panorama of corpus-based Translation Studies in
specific linguistic or cultural areas.
6. Corpora as a connection between disciplines and between the academic
world and the professional.
7. Proposals for the dissemination of research results in corpus-based
Translation and Interpreting Studies
Official languages of papers and posters
Miriam Seghiri Domínguez (University of Málaga) has confirmed her
participation as moderator of the Round Table “On site: From the compilation
project from corpus to corpus ad-hoc: Processes of compilation and
possibilities of work with corpora in research at different levels of
complexity.” Josep Marco Borillo (University Jaume I), Gloria Corpas Pastor
(University of Málaga), and Sara Laviosa (University degli Studi di Bari
Aldo Moro IT) have accepted as invited guest speakers [See confirmed
The publication of an electronic multimedia book of selected papers from the
conference is planned, as well as a selection of papers in a traditional
format. Registration includes a copy of the multimedia book.
The deadline for proposals, which may be made through the web registration
form, is 30 November 2013. The requirements are specified on the
registration form page.
Acceptance of proposals will be notified beginning on 16 December 2013.
Registration will be from 30 November 2013 through 10 March 2014.

Queries may be made at coloquio.hermeneus.trad@uva.es or through the web
registration form on the web site of the conference.