Call for Proposals: ALTA 2015 (1/05/2015)

ALTA 2015: Traffic & Translation Call For Proposals

Translators traffic in words, sounds, meaning, styles, perception,
politics, images, information, and voices. Our traffic as
translators—whether literary, poetic, or otherwise—shapes larger-scale
flows of people, resources and culture across time, space, and
thought. Our translations traverse borders, silences, regions, and
ages, often unaccompanied by those of us who made them. To paraphrase
Mary Louise Pratt: by translating, we become part of the traffic in
meaning, though that becoming doesn’t always mean we can control the
traffic too. The 2015 ALTA conference in Tucson will explore, among
other things, our roles in the traffic in meaning—as translators,
scholars, readers, editors, students, publishers, citizens, and

The ALTA Conference Committee invites session proposals for panels,
workshops, and roundtables for the ALTA 2015 Conference, which will
take place in the fall of 2015 in Tucson, AZ (dates and venue to be

Session Proposals deadline May 1, 2015.