Affective Translations, London (10/05)

Affective Translations
A CCWW Cross-Cultural Seminar

Saturday 10 May 2014, 2-4 pm

Room G21a, Senate House, University of London

The aim of this translation seminar is to investigate the role of affect in
translation, looking at how translating affects translators in the same way
that translators affect translations. In the last 15 years, Translation
Studies as a discipline has witnessed an increased interest in the agency of
translators, from Venuti’s (1995; 1998) advocacy of the visibility of
translators in the late ’90s to the more recent sociological turn in the
discipline which sees translators as ethical actors.

The format of the seminar will be a round-table discussion, comprising
female translators/authors living in the UK, who will introduce their work
and answer questions on the above issues.

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